Day Four - Strut in Style: Showing off Your Most Recent Purchase

by Madeline Rossouw January 18, 2024

#MenlynStyleChallenge Day Four


Day four is about showing off your own most recent purchase.

Mine being a pair of very chunky Timberland sandals, I thought it’s the perfect opportunity to focus on breaking the myth that chunky sandals are an unsuitable shoe choice for larger or bigger boned women.

Today, I’m showcasing a few chunky sandal options I identified in Menlyn-stores to encourage you to try them and see that they are not just fashionable, but also flattering for all body types.

Flattery is key

Let’s start off by confirming that very chunky sandals DO NOT make women look larger nor do they accentuate that you are bigger boned or make you look bulkier.

Chunky shoe designs provide stability and balance, creating a more proportionate and visually appealing silhouette.

The sturdy sole adds a grounding effect, contributing to an overall sense of stability and confidence.

Styling tips for maximum confidence

Pairing your chunky sandals with wide-legged pants or with flowing maxi dresses can create a balanced and harmonious silhouette.

Embrace bolder footwear 😉

Neutral tones for elegance 

A nude coloured chunky sandal is extremely elegant as neutral tones almost always contribute to a sophisticated and timeless aesthetic.

These neutral toned coloured shoes compliment a wide range of outfits making chunky sandals a perfect pairing option for every occasion.

Share your own experiences by stepping into the trendy and inclusive world of the chunky sandal for the rest of Summer 2024 and Spring/ Summer 2025