Day Five - Sneakers and Dresses, a Stylish Fusion

by Madeline Rossouw January 19, 2024

#MenlynStyleChallenge Day Five


Day five explores the trendy fusion of wearing dresses with sneakers.

A brief history lesson on the origins of this stylish pairing and some additional insights on the most flattering dress lengths for women standing taller than 1.68m and those whom are shorter than 1.68m to follow below.

A brief history lesson

Sneakers and commuting elegance.

The trend of pairing dresses with sneakers originated with European women commuting to work. In the late 20th century, women found a need for comfortable footwear while navigating urban environments by foot or by bicycle. Sneaker brands like Adidas and Veja provided the perfect blend of style and comfort, allowing these women to commute efficiently while still looking chic.

The practice of carrying work shoes in bags became the practical solution, giving rise to a fashion phenomenon embraced worldwide

Insights for women taller than 1.68 meters

Taller women can rock various dress lengths with sneakers.

However, midi and maxi dresses are particularly flattering, as they emphasise their height while maintaining a balanced silhouette.

Midi dresses that end just below the knee or on the mid-calf line, provide the wearer an elegant aesthetic, while maxi dresses offer a flowy and graceful aesthetic.

Insights for women shorter than 1.68 meters

For shorter women, opting for shorter dress lengths, such as mini or above-the-knee-styles works well with sneakers.

This pairing creates an illusion of longer legs, contributing to a more elongated and proportionate appearance.

A-line or fit-and-flare mini dresses are especially flattering on shorter women as they add a touch of playfulness to your look.

Enjoy creating flattering combinations with your sneakers and dresses today.

We sure can’t wait to see what you try and show off!