Media and Marketing

Media & Marketing


Menlyn creates a quality environment aimed at more than just displaying products and brands to a large of consumers. We aim to create correctly placed works of art in the form of exhibitions that create interaction, awareness and consumer reaction.

Menlyn Exhibitions are facilitated by PrimeCourts, a division of Primedia. 

Prime Courts is a leading exhibitions space management agency, focusing on matching brands to promotional courts within shopping centres. With an energetic and vibrant sales team based at Shopping Centres (including Menlyn) and Head Office support team, Prime Courts converts space predominantly regarded as 'dead areas'/common areas into additional revenue for mall owners over and above the Gross Lettable Income (GLA).

Prime Courts has been able to partner with various key national and international brands which always benefits the malls represented by the agency, creating mutual benefits for brands activating in the space and the mall.

The exhibition process is managed by our on-site Exhibitions and Sales Manager, Ruan: ruanl@primecourts.co.za or 012 471 0651.


Primall Media is South Africa’s premium mall advertising company, delivering a range of interactive and static visual options which directly influence purchase decisions in the shopping environment. Mall advertising is one of the fastest growing media categories in South Africa and Primal Media is evolving its offering to meet the needs of astute marketers.

The media and advertsing process is managed by Angela Rodd
Cell: 082 560 8314
Tel: 011 562 6311
Email: angelar@primall.co.za